[amsat-bb] Re: AMSAT NextGen Program Progress

Alex, N3SQ amsat at elkmtn.org
Wed Nov 11 19:22:02 PST 2009

 > So Arisssat or suitsat 2 whatever it is called is now going to be 
ready at the end of 2010?

> Robert WB5MZO

I said that we would be in a good position to have a NextGen 2U or 3U 
CubeSat satellite ready for a launch opportunity anytime after late 2010.
It's up to the AMSAT BoD to
(a) decide to launch any NextGen satellite
(b) raise the money to launch a NextGen satellite

I don't remember saying anything about ARISSat-1's launch opportunities, 
I'm not the ARISSat Program Manager.

Alex, N3NP

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