[amsat-bb] Re: So is P3E essentially dead at this point?

Michael Tondee mat_62 at netcommander.com
Tue Nov 10 16:55:32 PST 2009

Very nice to hear. I do apologize for my earlier characterization of a  
"a poor dead bird". Reading it over, it came out a bit harsher than I 
meant.  I hope I didn't offend anyone. Thank you very much for your hard 
work and effort.
Peter Guelzow wrote:
> Hi Michael and Alan,
> I can only repeat what Alan already said...  
> Work on P3-E is continuing and we are busy looking for launch
> possibilities and other ways for financing it, i.e. on coat-tails of the
> P5 Mars Mission.
> This is our top priority at the moment and that's why you may not have
> heard so much about P3-E these days. 
> Substantial progress was recently made on the new IHU-3 and getting IPS
> working on it, the S/C operating system used on all previous P3 satellites.
> The new IHU-3 is not only essential for P3-E, but also for the P5-A Mars
> mission..
> Due to some problems discussed here before, we had to find new people in
> our own team to do the work.
> We had some good articles in our past AMSAT-DL Journal, I hope
> translations will find their's way into other magazines...
> 73s
> Peter, DB2OS
> Alan P. Biddle wrote:
>> Michael,
>> AMSAT-DL, with the occasional support of other AMSAT organizations, is still
>> working on getting it launched.  I expect that it will find a ride, probably
>> unexpectedly, as is often the case.  It would be a tragedy to someday find
>> the launch article in a museum somewhere.  However, it is clear that
>> launches beyond LEO are going to be few and far between for amateur
>> satellites.  Hence the shift in emphasis you have noted.
>> Alan
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>> I'm following with interest the post on FM versus linear transponders. 
>> Right now I'm in the middle of putting together and FM LEO station that 
>> can later be made SSB/CW capable with the addition of a new rig which  I 
>> think I may be able to once again afford sometime after the first of the 
>> year.
>>  I've read all about the new direction Amsat NA is taking and I applaud 
>> it as I think that's what's best.
>> I still wonder about Amsat DL and P3E though. I don't hear much of 
>> anything anymore.
>> Last I heard, the figure Arianne space gave for launch was deemed beyond 
>> reach and Amsat DL was going to try and get their government to help. 
>> Just wondering what the status is. Is there still a chance we will see 
>> it in orbit or is it just a poor dead bird mothballed in storage 
>> somewhere now?
>> 73,
>> Michael, W4HIJ
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