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> I have two yagis that I need to mount a little off center and wanted to
> a little weight on the back of the antenna as a counter balance.
> Assuming the counterbalance will need to go in front of the rearmost
> reflector, does it matter if the counter balance is metallic (i.e. some
> fishing weights)?  Should I isolate it from the boom?  Should I use
> something ceramic instead?
> 73
> David

Hi David, K6CDW

Both for the KLM 2M-14C and KLM 2M-22C I suggest you  to
remove the rear reflector and put into the boom a counterweight
made with a long piece of steel rod or lead rod if you prefere
having the same inside diameter of the boom and the right weight
to balance the antenna.
The lenght of the boom between the rear reflector and the rear dipole 
is more than enough to get the needed counterweight.
Drill a hole into the boom and slip into it a bolt passing through the
conterweight and put again the reflector into the original hole.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico 

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