[amsat-bb] Re: So is P3E essentially dead at this point?

Tue Nov 10 04:26:07 PST 2009


AMSAT-DL, with the occasional support of other AMSAT organizations, is still
working on getting it launched.  I expect that it will find a ride, probably
unexpectedly, as is often the case.  It would be a tragedy to someday find
the launch article in a museum somewhere.  However, it is clear that
launches beyond LEO are going to be few and far between for amateur
satellites.  Hence the shift in emphasis you have noted.



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I'm following with interest the post on FM versus linear transponders. 
Right now I'm in the middle of putting together and FM LEO station that 
can later be made SSB/CW capable with the addition of a new rig which  I 
think I may be able to once again afford sometime after the first of the 
 I've read all about the new direction Amsat NA is taking and I applaud 
it as I think that's what's best.
I still wonder about Amsat DL and P3E though. I don't hear much of 
anything anymore.
Last I heard, the figure Arianne space gave for launch was deemed beyond 
reach and Amsat DL was going to try and get their government to help. 
Just wondering what the status is. Is there still a chance we will see 
it in orbit or is it just a poor dead bird mothballed in storage 
somewhere now?
Michael, W4HIJ
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