[amsat-bb] Linear transponder versus FM transponder for LEO satellites

OZ1MY oz1my at privat.dk
Mon Nov 9 09:47:44 PST 2009

The e-mail from I8CVS brings the issue up again.
Why not just be happy to get one more transponder for 
us to use ?
If you do not want to use a FM transponder so that be it.

It is interesting to note that there are far more operators on 
the FM transponder satellites than on the linear satellites in 
Low Earth Orbit.

Anyway the choice is made by the ones who make and finance 
the satellites and transponders.

With a height of 500 km FM is probably the way to go. 
The dopper shift is large. It may be a bad choice for a 
linear transponder unless you assume that everyone are 
using full doppler tracking :-)

Sumbandilasat it a very good satellite for operators 
working portable or mobile. The downlink is strong and it will be 
better to use it once things settle down.
Every time we have a new satellite we have very many wanting to try 
it out.

I think we should say thank you to our friends in SA for a new one.

73 OZ1MY

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