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> I've tried to decipher the callsigns from the two recordings of the 8 Nov
> USA passes that Johan Papay posted, and subsequently mapped the callsigns
> on a Google Map.  You can view this at


> I apologise in advance if I omitted someone from the map or incorrectly
> identified others.  You are most welcome to correct my mistakes!
> Regards
> Jan-Albert
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Hi Jan-Albert,  ZR1JAK

Look please in the following web page at the "caos" over Europe during  the
SO-67 orbit of sun 8 2009  07:59 UTC


No one QSO was made !

What do you think about to waste 5 watt into a single channel FM instead to
spread it into a 150 KHz bandwidth of a linear transponder ?

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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