[amsat-bb] SA-AMSAT payload activation on SO-67

Jan-Albert Koekemoer jan.koekemoer at sunspace.co.za
Fri Nov 6 12:59:06 PST 2009


We intend to schedule the FM V/U cross-band repeater on Sumbandila as follows
(all times in UTC; all activations 13 minutes duration): 

Fri 6 Nov 2009:
21:38 (Eastern Australia / New Zealand)

Sa 7 Nov 2009:
02:05 (Western Asia)
08:17 (Europe)
11:40 (Eastern part of South America)
16:13 (Central Canada / USA)

The CTCSS tone for the transponder is 233.6 Hz. 

Uplink:  145.875MHz 
Downlink:  435.345MHz 

Additional recommendations: 
Use only narrow FM 
Switch off compression 
Speak softly (mic gain down) 

Satellite characteristics: 
All antennas are linear vertically polarized (1/4 wavelength) 
Sat Tx power = 5W 
Sat Rx sensitivity = -116.5dBm for 12dB SINAD 
Max antenna gain = 4dBi 

Note that the satellite is currently in a controlled sun tracking mode with
antennas Nadir pointing.

Apologies for the late notification, but we're still in the commissioning
phase and can therefore not guarantee the SA-AMSAT payload service far ahead
in time.  Since we're using the same (shared) transponder for TT&C purposes
at present, we can unfortunately not schedule the payload over RSA on

Jan-Albert (ZR1JAK)
Sumbandila Ground Control Team

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