[amsat-bb] Re: Android/g-phone satellite tracking application

David Johnson dave at g4dpz.me.uk
Fri Nov 6 07:07:11 PST 2009


I'm just writing an IARU Locator App at the moment. Once I've done that,
I'll have the gound-station location sorted.

I've already ported Predict SGP-4/SDP-4 to Java (in use by Genso) so I
think the next step should be relatively straightforward.

You can check-out the code for the algorithm using subversion from:


Please note that it is licensed under GPLv2.



Jonathan Guthrie wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 05, 2009 at 04:24:49PM -0800, Tim Goodrich wrote:
>> I've seen satellite tracking software that works for portable operations
>> such as the old Palm Pilots and also on smartphones that have Windows Mobile
>> or Palm OS.
>> The new Droid phone on the android platform looks really interesting and I
>> was wondering if anyone knew if 
>> 1)      The aforementioned apps would work on this OS
> I have a G1, which also runs Android.  (I also work at a shop that does
> smartphone programming.)  Palm is a very different programming environment
> from Windows Mobile, and both are quite different from Android, although
> both WM and Android are Java based, they won't run each other's programs.
>> 2)      Are there any satellite tracking apps specifically made to run on
>> the Android?
> Not yet.  None that I'm aware of, anyway.  It's on my list, but someone
> else will probably get to it before I do.  That's what usually happens.
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