[amsat-bb] Re: Do you have Documentatoin for Cushcraft Antennas

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Mon Nov 2 19:04:53 PST 2009

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Subject: [amsat-bb] Do you have Documentatoin for Cushcraft Antennas

> I recently acquired a couple of used Cushcraft antennas and have been
> looking around for documentation but not having any luck.  I have the
> following two antennas:
> 435-30CP with polarity switch
> 2M-16CP with polarity switch
> I'm not 100% sure on the model names but they are the 70cm 30 element and
> 2M 16 element antennas.  If anyone has documentation on these that you can
> forward in e-mail or fax (contact me of list for fax number), I'd
> appreciate it.  There are some wires I'm not really sure as to their
> function on the polarity switch.
> 73
> David

Hi David, K6CDW

It seems to me that the above antennas are from KLM and not from Cushcraft

By the way I have the manuals for the KLM 435 40CX and KLM 2M 14C that
are very similar to your models.

If  I can be of any help to connect the polarity switches please let me know

73" de i8CVS


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