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On 1 Nov 2009 at 19:44, Andrew Glasbrenner wrote:

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> The S band transmitter is now off, and 435.150 telemetry is back on. The 
> L uplink is not yet back on for the PBBS. I had some temporary equipment 
> problems here and instead of risking getting halfway through some steps 
> and failing, I am stretching the mode change out over a few passes.
> 435.300 is back up to over 500 mw.
> The L uplink for the PBBS should be back on tomorrow, and the new 
> schedule should be posted by tomorrow night. Sorry for the delay.
> 73, Drew KO4MA

As we can read on the AMSAT-NA web site there is an operation group who is supposed "to create the monthly schedule for the satellite. AO-
51" But who is on this command team? Why it take's on paper 5 folks to create a schedule? Is theses same folks cannot also be able to 
command the satellite? It will reduced the work load for Drew as he seems to be the only one to cope with the all work load and if he's not 
available the world stops until he can resume his work on the satellite.

Here is what it is written on AMSAT-NA web page

"The AO-51 Operations Group is made up of Amsat Members who are also AO-51 users. The Operations Group works with the Command Team to 
create the monthly schedule for the satellite. AO-51 Operations Group is KO4MA, N8MH, OZ1MY, VK5HI, WA4SXM, N8BBQ, KD8CAO."

PS. A team is normally made with 2 and more:)


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