[amsat-bb] Re: G.hn: Powerline Up To 200 MHz ?

Trevor . m5aka at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Nov 2 10:47:09 PST 2009

According to a report on UKQRM the Belkin home networking devices use the spectrum 50-300 MHz and generate significant interference in the 144 MHz Amateur and Amateur Satellite service allocation. 

UKQRM Yahoo List 

EDN - Powerline Networking 

RegHardware - Belkin Powerline HD Gigabit mains Ethernet adaptor 

73 Trevor M5AKA

> I note the bandplan for home powerline network adaptor extends right
> out to 200 MHz. I know ARRL managed to get some notches put in for 
> the HF ham bands to reduce the horrendous amount of interference 
> "homeplug" type devices cause. 
> Does anyone know if ARRL is also attempting to get notches for 
> the Amateur Satellite Service allocation at 144-146, and also 
> the US Amateur Service allocations at 50-54 and 146-148 ? 
> G.hn: the new ITU-T Home Networking Standard 
> 73 Trevor M5AKA 
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