[amsat-bb] AO-7 telemetry request: Pre-1981 and 2009

DeYoung James deyoung_james at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 1 04:04:06 PST 2009


I am looking to obtain good quality telemetry from AO-7's 435.1-MHz RTTY telemetry event during February and March 2009. I woud appreciate receiving good quality raw RTTY telemetry.  I am especially interested in the time period before 2009 March 3 and after 2009 March 6.  Telemetry collected between about 0 hours UTC and 12 hours UTC would be especially useful from any of the 2009 February/March time period.

Good quality telemetry is defined as being collected continuosly for at least 4 minutes during a pass.

If you have already "published" your telemetry to the AMSAT-BB or to DK3WN's web blog I already have your data so there is no need to resend.  Please send any unpublished RTTY telemetry here to the AMSAT-BB.

If anyone has any AO-7 RTTY telemetry from the "early days", before 1981 I would really love to get that data!  If you only have it in paper form or on punched cards I would like to get it. I would be glad to put it in machine readable form and return the originals and the data to you.

Thank you very much for your efforts and interest.

Jim, N8OQ


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