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Bob McGwier rwmcgwier at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 12:07:28 PDT 2009

I am really happy to tell everyone of a terrific  "SDR" experiment.  HI.

Our colleagues in AMSAT-DL have been working towards demonstrating 
several of the pieces  to allow for interplanetary communications in the 
event the Phase V mission to Mars comes to fruition.

A team consisting of many well known amateurs including Wolfgang Büscher 
(DL4YHF),   Freddy de Guchteneire (ON6UG),  Hermann Hagner (DK8CI), 
Michael Lengrüsser (DD5ER) ,  Karl Meinzer (DJ4ZC), James Miller 
(G3RUH), Max Münich (DJ1CR), Hartmut Paesler (DL1YDD), Achim Vollhardt 

The AMSAT-DL web page is here:


and the English press release is here:


In the photographs attached to these pages and press releases, one can 
see the SDR-IQ and Spectrum Lab. Congrats to  RFSPACE 
(http://rfspace.com/Home.html)  and  Wolfgang DL4YHF 

I hope everyone joins in congratulating this team on their multiple year 
effort and outstanding achievement.

Bob McGwier

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