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Thu Mar 26 13:31:34 PDT 2009

Yes I agree with Gene, Elmer's wanted!    I would read any tutorials, 
specific to this AO-51 event.   I was able to grab some of Richard 
Garriotts, ISS, TV transmissions on my Yaesu VX7R HT with a Panasonic 
Digital Voice Recorder, plugged into my mic's head phone jack, using my dual 
band hand held Arrow antenna and then play that into, the computer SSTV 
program on my desktop computer, back in the shack.    (QTH is in a radio 
hole, I must go remote and have no laptop, I think I have a link to those 
pics on my QRZ)

I would love it, if someone could explain how I might;  (1) convert a 
digital picture into the SSTV sound format, so I can put it on my digital 
voice recorder  (I can do this from my shack before a pass) and then a 
better way to get that data, into the transmit side of my VX7R radio, 
outside of playing the sound file into the HT mic.  I may have to break down 
and get a net book or lap top, dedicated for this purpose but if there is a 
more minimalist approach, I would love to consider it.

Furthermore, as a CERT Communications team member, I would like to be able 
to transmit a SSTV pic from a remote site, with the absolute minimum of 
equipment needed.   As a rule, right now, I always have, in my car; an 
Emergency CERT backpack, an HT HAM radio with battery charger, a directional 
antenna and others, a digital camera and a digital voice recorder, what 
other, minimum, pieces of the puzzle do I need, to transmit SSTV, remotely 
and how do they fit together?   Just typing this email, has caused me to 
realize, I need to burn a SSTV program onto a disc and put that in my CERT 
bag too, so even if I dont have a laptop, in an emergency, if/when I can get 
to a computer, I can install the SSTV program, to view/create/send SSTV, 
remote.   (feel free to respond here if appropriate or directly to 
KI6RRQ at cox.net if you have some wisdom and the desire to share it)


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> Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2009 21:17:18 -0400
> From: WB2LLP <wb2llp at optonline.net>
> Subject: [amsat-bb]  Slow Scan
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> AO-51's handlers are doing a very nice job of presenting us with several 
> different satellite modes.  This week it is an opportunity to try Slow 
> Scan TV.   Now it would be very nice if  someone from the Slow Scan 
> community would tell us how to receive the pictures and once we have done 
> that, how do we send a picture.  We only have a week to play with 
> something which is very different for some of us, so let us not waste any 
> time.
> TNX es 73 de WB2LLP Gene
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