[amsat-bb] Dave Toth, VE3GYQ

Bob McGwier rwmcgwier at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 09:15:25 PDT 2009

I am saddened to report that Dave Toth, VE3GYQ, was hospitalized and had 
the tender care of a serious neurosurgeon.   Dave, being the mild 
mannered,  tame individual we all know and love,  has managed to 
extricate himself from the clutches of the hospital and is resting at 
home.  He will have to undergo some pretty tough medical treatments in a 
short time but he is a fighter like almost none of the rest of us can 
understand.  He is watching BSG, moaning about going to Dayton,  had his 
son tell me he was going with me and that is that.  My plan is to take 
him to Dayton to at least the Saturday so he can be at the SDR forum.

Dave is ambulatory,  can get on his computer,  and I know would love 
messages.  But he is under absolutely strict orders to rest for now, so 
please email only.  I've made arrangements to keep up with him via his 
son and Dave is absolutely insistent that if he can stand up and walk, I 
am taking him to Dayton.


We love you Dave, take care.


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