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Physics was mine, for a time, but I realized that I preferred coffee over tea, and switched to computer science...  :-)

As an object slows down it enters a lower orbit - there's less centripetal force pulling it away from the planet. But, in a lower orbit it has less distance to go around in an orbit, so it ends up completing the orbit sooner (not faster).  From our perspective down here, because we can't see the lower orbit that it's in, that makes it look like it's going faster.

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> On the 0005Z March 26 (2005 EDT on the 25) i just watch ISS lead by Discovery dimmer and slightly below ISS.  A great space mechanic lesson 
> an orbital body reducing his altitude increased his speed or it's an optical illusion?
> Physics has never been my taste of tea but always nice to watch passing space things over us and in bonus our seasonal wild white goose and 
> wild duck and birds migration heading north with their usual sound. (resting and feeding place about 45mn from here see: 
> http://www.pbase.com/descar/ornitho). If clear evening sky remain i will try some photos of the twin moving star
> "-"
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