[amsat-bb] Re: software for two-rig doppler control?

Tim Tuck timt at skybase.net
Wed Mar 25 14:32:41 PDT 2009

Nigel Gunn G8IFF/W8IFF wrote:
> Don't forget Ham Radio Deluxe.
> It will control as many radios as you have ports to connect them to.
As does WispDDE.

Don't get me wrong.... I love HRD and use it for everything else, but... 
IMO its satellite tracking is not quite there yet. If it gets the other 
nice functions that I'm used to in WispDDE - I will be using it for 
everything :)

WispDDE also has the ability to allow you to define a radio profile so 
that if you had multiple 2m radios, say one for FM and another for SSB, 
it could automatically select between them based on the satellite you 
were working. 

You can even have multiple profiles for the same radio, I do this for my 
910, so that it gets setup differently for the ISS vs VO52.

A profile can be satellite specific, like my example above for a single 
radio, or like the one I have for AO7 that selects the IC910 for 2m and 
the TS-850 for 10m when its in mode A.

I like WispDDE for its ability to not only correct for doppler and set 
the frequency, but actually chose the right radio and then change the 
radio to the right band and select the mode; i.e. USB, LSB, FM, etc. 
without me having to remember what's where. The most I have to do is hit 
the "Satellite" button on the 910.

WispDDE does all this out-of-the-box, there's no jiggery pokery trying 
to get multiple programs running to achieve the same thing.

As you can see from this discussion, each of us has our own methods.

Bill.... try them all and choose what's best for you :)





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