[amsat-bb] SSTV pic collections

Alan Sieg WB5RMG wb5rmg at somenet.net
Mon Mar 23 20:13:04 PDT 2009

Back when we had SSTV from ISS, I setup a page on my server that would
collect recently received pics.    http://wb5rmg.somenet.net/sstv/ also
explains a bit about what programs were used, etc... In addition to
MMSSTV from JE3HHT, I used the FTP Widget by KE5RS - to archive the pics.

I had it setup so that my most recent pic was also linked into a page that
is maintained by KE5RS that displays SSTV pics from all over the world.
You might look into http://www.worldsstv.com/ ... That would be a quick
and easy way to let others see what you have received.

   Thanks  /;^)
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