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GW1FKY@aol.com GW1FKY at aol.com
Mon Mar 23 10:05:25 PDT 2009

Hi Jim,
My response is that perhaps things have not changed much in 4 years, with  
opinions still currently being debated in respect of both the HF operations and  
working satellites .
As you are aware the RSGB handling is now under a contract so it  is little 
early to say what the impact will 
turn out  to be in terms of time and cards still getting to  destinations
The cost of posting is of course now a key factor if you intend going  direct 
or via a QSL manager, but if you want to ensure that you have a quick  
response,this is still the way to do it.   However my own opinion  and
of others is that even when you include cash or payment it is still  not 100%
At one time I used to send out cards for every contact that I made, but of  
course that was mainly on HF, it did take time and money and like our  club 
special events we do only get about a 25% returns
Printing cost as you have experienced have risen as well as  postage adding 
to the difficult times and exchange rates
Main factors are by those that enter contests, go  for IOTA  or generally 
want a collection or first card!
The problem is that in respect of contests and awards the "E - qsl "  method 
is not accepted I regret to say.  Usually also if you do use  this method  ( 
and I would say many do ) you may be asked to send off
details of your licence etc so that it is registered to count for certain  
I have found recently that I received cards dating back for contacts  over 4 
years ago , Others like myself
have had complaints from hams asking why I have not sent out a  card   - Many 
appear to have gone astray
and may be due mail / delivery collection / lost items / or other  reasons ?
If you are speaking in terms of satellite contacts only , then I think that  
my experience is that a QSL direct
has always been a very positive way of doing things and with such a low  
number contacts the expense has 
not been a bother.
I do see however various bones of contention on the BBS and that might be  
because of the bad times with
finance and security.   Many have been asking why the electronic  method 
cannot count for awards and perhaps you might like to look this up via  the ARRL 
web site.
There was even comments about "Verification of your location " using a GPS  
and photo showing the reading.
But that was in the USA with its large area and grid squares that are being  
I hope my input will help - And by the way I am just as guilty about  
response times whether it is eqsl, snail mail or the bureau.  Personal  problems have 
contributed to this but in general I just don't know where time  has gone.
Ken de GW1FKY.
PS -  With respect to your mail and support for the rally, I  would very much 
like to join you and help out but 
         I think that the distance  with a return trip maybe just a bit to 
much for me, but I will consider it  nearer
         the  time.  

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