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Thanks to WB3JFS for pointing out a typo in my earlier
posting.  I parked on 112 degrees *West*, not North.
My error.  The map link had my location right, at least.

Time for bed...



On 3/22/09, Jeff Yanko <wb3jfs at cox.net> wrote:
> Hi Patrick!
> Sounds like you had a good trip and operation.  One point I need to make.
> You mentioned the 112 degree North location.  I think AZ would be a little
> off the map. :0
> 73,
> Jeff  WB3JFS
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>> Hi!
>> I just returned home in the past hour, after a fun day away from
>> Phoenix in the mountains and trees of northern Arizona.  It was
>> a little breezy, some snow was still on the mountaintops and in
>> shady spots in the areas around 7000 feet/2134m elevation or
>> higher, and a great day to play radio.
>> I used the same spot I went to twice in 2008 to park on the
>> DM35/DM45 grid boundary (112 degrees North).  In fact, I was able
>> to put my radio gear in the back of my truck exactly on the spot
>> I used for those two trips last year, and then take the now-
>> obligatory photos for VUCC documentation.  I was along old US 66
>> just north of the I-40 freeway 20 miles/32km west of FLagstaff
>> AZ:
>> http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=35+15.570+n+112+0.00+w&jsv=107&ie=UTF8&ll=34.669359,-112.071533&spn=3.812693,7.734375&t=h&z=7
>> I worked two AO-27 passes and two AO-51 passes from here this
>> afternoon/evening.  The ISS gear was turned off for the spacewalk,
>> and remained off into the evening.  SO-50 was passing by at almost
>> the same times as the two AO-51 passes, and I decided to work the
>> AO-51 V/U repeater instead of SO-50.  I made 11 QSOs on each of
>> the AO-27 passes, 10 on the first AO-51 pass to the east, and 6
>> on the later western AO-51 pass.  Stations from southern Mexico
>> to Alaska and Canada went in the log from there.  Making 38 QSOs
>> on 4 passes, and avoiding the heat in Phoenix... not a bad day.
>> This was my first time on AO-27 since it was brought back from the
>> dead earlier this month.  Nice to see so many stations on those 7-
>> minute passes.  Hopefully it stays operational for a long time, to
>> fill in those afternoons before AO-51 comes by later in the day
>> (for those of us in the western USA).  Of course, the first AO-51
>> pass I had was full of stations.  Not too many, later in the day,
>> on the western pass.
>> Before I went out to the DM35/DM45 line, I took a bunch of pictures
>> of the Flagstaff area including the Lowell Observatory that is
>> above downtown Flagstaff.  I'm thinking about taking the pictures I
>> have from today, and making a small slide show and making it
>> available to whoever wants it.  With a digital camera I bought a
>> year ago, I now have lots of pictures and - with the trips I've
>> done in the last year - lots of stories I could put to "paper".
>> If I missed working you from DM35/DM45 today, I will be back in that
>> area during the upcoming summertime.  There is a hamfest in Williams,
>> a small town about 10 miles/16km west of where I stopped today, and
>> I would probably make a trip back to this spot like I did before the
>> same hamfest last year.  Plus any open weekend I have could be a good
>> time to go there, when it is over 110F (44C) here in Phoenix.
>> Good night, and 73!
>> Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK
>> http://www.wd9ewk.net/
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