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MM ka1rrw at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 15 18:50:34 PDT 2009

Great pass, we could see STS-119 for over a minute.
we could even see the SRB seperation.


i posted a few shots on the spacecam page.

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> Date: Sunday, March 15, 2009, 2:04 PM
> ISS Amateur Radio Status: March 11, 2009
> By Miles Mann WF1F,
> MAREX-MG News www.marexmg.org
> Manned Amateur Radio Experiment
> Shuttle Launch Visible Tonight:
> If you live along the East Coast of the USA, you maybe able
> to see the Shuttle Discovery’s launch tonight at 7:43 p.m.
> (EDT).  People in Florida are use to seeing the Shuttle
> launch, however when the Shuttle is launched at Night, to
> the International Space Station, the engines can be seen as
> far north as Maine (conditions permitting).
> Sunset in Boston is at 6:50 p.m. (EDT).  This means the
> skies will still be a little bright.
> So tonight, if you have clear skies, try to find a hill
> that looks SouthEast.  The hill will need to be dark with
> few city and streetlights.  The shuttle will only be visible
> for a few minutes to seconds depending on your location. 
> The first two minutes of the launch are the brightest.  The
> Shuttles Solid Rocket boosters will burn for the first two
> minutes; this will be your best shot as seeing he Shuttle. 
> When the SRB stop, the liquid fuels engines will still be
> running and generating some visible light.  After about 8
> minutes after launch the main engines will shut down and so
> will your light source.
> Try to monitor the NASA channel.  If you can, have someone
> at home watch the NASA channel on TV and tell you the
> countdown by Cell phone.
> Does anyone know if there will be a NASA rebroadcast of the
> launch on amateur radio HF or regular Broadcast AM, so we
> can monitor from our mobile HF stations while hill
> topping>
> Here is a current link I found that gives a few more
> details on how to see the shuttle tonight.
> http://news.yahoo.com/s/space/20090310/sc_space/nightshuttlelaunchvisiblefrommostofeastcoast
> MarexMg Web page
> http://www.marexmg.org
> 73 Miles WF1F MAREX-MG
> Until we meet again
> /amsat-bb
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