[amsat-bb] Re: Remote control of the IC-910H

Alan ve4yz at mts.net
Sat Mar 14 11:04:35 PDT 2009

George, KA3HSW, pointed out the very important distinction. Computer control
(CAT) vs remote control.  CAT being used in both situations but our hobby
has not really got our definition of "Remote" to the point where we all know
what each of us means.

Any rig that has CAT can be run remotely to the degree that 2 computers can
exchange data by  packet, telnet, hardwiring, remote desktop type links and
various internet protocols etc.  And where the PC local to the radio and
rotators can run a suitable application to control them - Nova, SatPC32,
HRD, whatever.

Jeff KB2M mentioned using TRX-Manager http://www.trx-manager.com/index.html
plus Skype for audio when he was out on the road.  TRX-Manager requires a
DDE link to something like Nova for the antenna and doppler data flow.
TRX-Manager allows you to run on 2 computers in a client/server relationship
across a WAN or a LAN.  

Super-Control  http://www.supercontrol.de/cat/us/index.php  is another
software front end for some Yaesu radios.

I believe the key issues for remote control of a station are:

1 - the command set available for that radio.  E.g. the IC-910H and FT-847
do not have CAT control of AF, MIC and RF Power.  So how do you adjust that
remotely?  Do don't.  The TS-2000 is 99% controllable including ON/OFF.
Might even be 100% but I have not explored nor used all of its bells and
whistles on all modes.  The FT-736r CAT is not full duplex so the app throws
commands at the radio but never knows if the radio caught them.  Check your
manuals - usually near the back they will show the CAT commands

2 - the software application's ability to address some or all of those CAT
commands - Nova, HRD, SatPC32 etc and control a rotator interface.  

3 - ease of connectivity between the 2 PC's

Addressing the 3rd item...

Regardless of the radio, rotator or CAT control application that you have,
here are some remote access applications that are FREE ( not just 30 day
trials ).  They require both computers to be on the internet.  They provide
firewall transversal so you don't have to tweak your firewall to open ports.
Some of the commercial versions have audio, but, there is always Skype.
They all have MAC and PC versions.  

LogMeIn https://secure.logmein.com/products/free/  

NTRconnect https://www.ntrconnect.com/web/default.asp? 

TeamViewer http://www.teamviewer.com/licensing/index.aspx  


73, Alan VE4YZ

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>  Not my 910H, but I did remote my TS-2000 for a few years 
> when I was on travel for work , I could then work HF, Sats, 
> and the local repeater's remotely. Cool thing about the 
> ts-2000 was you could power  it on and off with TRX-Manager. 
> Skype worked great for the audio. I would start with 
> TRX-Manager software as it sends just text to control the 
> radio, you will need all the hotel's iffy connection 
> bandwidth speed  for the Skype audio!
> 73 Jeff kb2m
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> > Hi
> > Has anyone on this list remote controlled the IC-910H?
> > What is the best software to control the IC-910H via its 
> CAT interface?
> > 73 de Werner, HB9US
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