[amsat-bb] Re: QSL Etiquette

Kent Frazier k5knt.kent at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 05:16:28 PDT 2009

Here is my experience from a newbie with 34 logged contacts, 16 confirmed.

I've received a couple of QSL cards (e and paper) that I didn't have any log
entries for or my log data was different. I record, or at least try to, all
my contacts and save the recordings as an .mp3 file. In the cases above, I
have attempted to email the sender and explain the discrepancy and ask if
they have an audio recording they could send in the case of it not being in
my log. If it is a data discrepancy I explain that and ask that they double
check their log. In one case the sender replied that he had indeed listed
the wrong satellite and would send me a new card.

I've also been on the other side. Last April my HD crashed, I lost my
logbook and I was unable to find any backup. Getting involved in other
things, I was "off the air" until this February when I happened across a
backup of my logbook in an old CD-R I was searching. I noticed that there
were some contacts I hadn't sent QSLs for nor received. I sent the QSLs
along with a note explaining the delay.  Reading some of the responses I now
understand why I haven't received any replies <grin>. I did receive one card
returned explaining that the QSO was not in the log.

In the past, I have trimmed my recordings to only the time I make contact.
What I think I'm going to do now is also save the raw recording for a couple
of months incase I need to verify a questionable QSL either sent or

73, Kent K5KNT
AMSAT #36765
Sent from: San angelo TX United States.

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