[amsat-bb] QSL Etiquette

Ian Ian at mceassociates.com
Thu Mar 12 13:21:19 PDT 2009

I was wondering what others may be doing when they receive an 
"questionnable" request for a QSL. Last week while on vacation in Orlando I 
attempted to make some AO51 contacts with a handheld station. Althought I 
was receiving many stations, I was unsuccesful in establishing a contact and 
never heard anyone call me back. I must have been getting out though as I 
have received an eQSL request from a South American station. Is it normal 
practice to ignore the request or to reply with refusal to QSL. If it were a 
mistaken callsign situation I would reply with a "sorry" but in the case of 
a bogus request I was wondering what others may be doing.
Next time I will use a better antenna hi hi.
Thanks & 73

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