[amsat-bb] Why RFMD parts have export restrictions ?

William Leijenaar pe1rah at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 10 07:53:40 PDT 2009


It has been some time ago that I worked on my mini-transponder again.
Most of you might have seen the article about my 30grams linear Mode-UV :o)

For my tests I purchase very often parts from Digikey in US, with high quality parts and fast deliveries. However, for some time I experience problems with getting parts from RFMD, which seem to have a "vendors export restriction". The strange thing is that I got the parts delivered around November 2008, but faced problems when I tried to order new parts begin this year.

Does anyone know what the reasons might be for these restrictions ?
And is there any way to get the parts to Europe without to much hassle.

Many thanks, 
73 de PE1RAH
William Leijenaar


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