[amsat-bb] Dis-assembling M2 VHF & UHF CP Yagis -- removing Stainless Steel keepers....

Norm & Cathy Beasley n-c.beasley at sil.org.pg
Fri Mar 6 20:26:53 PST 2009

Gents and Ladies,

I have 2x M2 CP Yagis, one VHF and one UHF that I need to dis-assemble for
transport back to the USA. I need to compact the antennas as much as
possible to maximize my personal effects shipment to the least amount of
CuMtr volume.

These M2 Yagis use the 3/16" aluminum element mounted through the boom,
using insulated bushings and stainless steel keepers on each side of the
boom to hold the element mounted in the boom.

How does one dis-assemble these elements from the boom? Or, 
How does one get the stainless steel keepers to "reverse" and slide of the

The only thing I can think of is to use a Dremel Tool with bit to cut the SS
keepers in half. I suppose I can get more SS keepers once I return to the
USA. I would prefer to not go this route if there are other, better ways.

Your helpful comments and ideas appreciated.

Blessings, and 73,
Norm Beasley, P29NB
PO Box 437
Ukarumpa, EHP 444

E-Mail:     p29nb at yahoo.com

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