[amsat-bb] Re: No current production full-duplex HT's?

Howard Kowall hkowall at shaw.ca
Wed Mar 4 17:35:40 PST 2009

Well I stand corrected
Like my Late Father used to say "anyone who has not made a mistake ,has not 
made a decision "
Very sorry about that,I guess they just painted a big picture
I apologize for that
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> Hi Howard, Jeff, Tim, Dave, et al,
> Sorry, but the VX-8R is NOT full duplex. It is true - there are no
> current-production full-duplex HTs out there. The Alinco USA folks did say
> that they would have a full-duplex DJ-G7 HT at Dayton. It is currently
> offered in Japan. Another comment that surfaced was that the HT would be
> available in the US around June. If it is coming to the US sometime this
> year, I will certainly be interested. It is a tri-band unit with 2M, 70cm
> and 23cm. That sounds like fun! Power output on 23cm is lower than 2M and
> 70cm, but a gain antenna should fix that...
> I have a pair of Alinco DJ-580T HTs. I bought my first one new in 1992, 
> did
> some appropriate mods, and started using it for satellite contacts. It 
> still
> looks and works great even after a number of cruises and other portable
> operations. I had both of them with me on a February cruise and got a 
> chance
> to discover that they are both in fully-operational condition with
> reasonably good sensitivity on 70cm receive. Hopefully the DJ-G7 will
> perform as well or better. My other full-duplex HTs include the Kenwood
> TH-D7 and the Yaesu FT-530.
> GL! Andy W5ACM
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> Subject: [amsat-bb] Re: No current production full-duplex HT's?
>> Hello
>> I believe the Yaesu VX8R,VX7R are still available
>> And the VX8R Is fairly new to Yaesu's HT Line UP
>> I think they are full duplex HT's
>> Just my 2 cents
>> Howard
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>>> About April or May of last year I noticed that the full duplex HT's were
>>> disappearing from the ads except the Kenwood TH-D7(G).  Then about June
>>> or
>>> early July that one started disappearing as well.  I found that Ham 
>>> Radio
>>> Outlet (HRO) still had them on hand and I ordered one right away.  A
>>> couple
>>> months later that was no loger offered at HRO and that's pretty much the
>>> last I've seen of them.
>>> 73,
>>> Jeff  WB3JFS
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>>>> Dave,
>>>> There was a thread posted a few weeks ago about a new HT from Alinco,
>>>> reportedly to debut at Dayton, that will offer full-duplex operation.
>>>> There are no current-production HTs that are full-duplex capable.
>>>> 73,
>>>> Tim - N3TL
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>>>>> Folks:
>>>>> Sorry for the bandwidth, but I know this question comes up here
>>>>> periodically. I've looked around quite a bit, but I can't seem to
>>>>> locate any newer information about whether or not there are any
>>>>> _current_ production HT's capable of transmitting on 2 meters while
>>>>> simultaneously listening on the 437 downlink for use with the FM
>>>>> sats. As far as I can tell, that answer is "no", but I wanted to make
>>>>> sure that's the case before I go looking for a gently-used Icom W32A
>>>>> or similar older unit. I'm tired of the "excitement" of having to
>>>>> transmit in the blind when operating portable on SO-50! That got old
>>>>> the first time I tried it late one night when there was no activity on
>>>>> an overhead pass, had to try to switch on the TOT, then guess whether
>>>>> I had actually done it correctly, etc...
>>>>> Thanks in advance,
>>>>> Dave - K7DAA
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