[amsat-bb] Combining two Arrow Antennas

Chris Bloy chris at photofuture.co.uk
Wed Mar 4 09:21:17 PST 2009

Hi All,

I am thinking of expanding my portable operations as I can operate from 
my garden. Its quite hard to use the SSB birds handheld, so what do you 
think of using two arrow antennas on a G5500 mounted on a tripod for 
which I have seen Howard (G6LVB) perform quite well.

Now, the questions.. :-

I see that Howard mounted his off-set to each other.. I.E. Left one had 
the two metre ele's face left and the right to the right.. Is this for 
polarity? Making one LHCP and the other RHCP??

How do I make them act as one? Can I use something to join them together 
so that I have two listening on 70cm and transmitting on 2m? Whats 
involved to stack them?

Finally, what kind of performance can I expect out of this, i do have a 
19 ele 70 / 9 ele 2 m, but is 3 metres in length!! Not quite portable?

As for radios, I think its been decided to have two 706MIIG as from the 
reviews I have had, you cannot CAT control the 817/897/857 to adjust 
when transmitting? And there is a delay in receive too.. I already have 
a 706 and 817, but thinking of trading this in for a second 706?

I hope this isnt too many questions, but would love to use the ssb birds 
before we lose (AO7 & FO29)..

Answers on a postcard!

Chris - M0DQO

Currently in his hotel room in Edinburgh, Scotland!

P.S. be gentle with me, as I am not electionic's expert!, but very 
willing to learn!!

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