[amsat-bb] AO-7 RTTY Equations Conversions ???

nader omer st2nh at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 3 13:18:08 PST 2009

HI All,

Jim, N8OQ worte on the above link :-



I only recorded 1-minute of the RTTY from last evenings pass but was
able to
decode channel 11 through 16 from it to augment David's (VK5DG)
decodes. Here
is what I was able to decode using reverse,45,85 parameters. I also
used the
1974 AMSAT J. final parameters and equations conversions. Great job
to David
for finding the 70-cm beacon on and decoding so much!

Ch Value Ok? Description Converted Value
11 734 Y Battery volts 13.74v
12 326 N Half battery volts 3.41v
13 695 Y Regulated volts 23.63v
14 602 Y 10v Reg volts 9.38v
15 937 Y 9v reg volts 9.37v
16 422 Y Ch reg1 volts 6.53v
Jim, N8OQ


The Question:

What was the ( equations conversions )
Jim used with AO-7 RTTY data ?????

73 de Nader , st2nh


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