[amsat-bb] Re: LVB Tracker and HRD Sat Tracker setup Problem

Alan ve4yz at mts.net
Tue Mar 3 13:07:11 PST 2009

Testing with LVB Tracker with the 0.9 eprom, Yaesu G5400B and FT-847 using

HDR 4.1 build 1989 beta
HRD Sat Track 4.1 Tech Preview II build 1989
HRD Rotator 4.1 build 2026 beta
HRD Log 4.1 build 2121 beta

Marv's description below is okay, however, while  "Orbitron" is on DDE menu
it is not selectable on my installation so I use Nova and must start the
"Satellite Tracking DDE Server" from the HRD Windows Menu before selecting
"Track DDE"

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> I think I have the Satellite tracking working. It is a little 
> awkward but it will track.
> I will try to list what I did to get the different programs 
> talking to each other as well as list some things I am seeing 
> with the operation.
> Here we go.
> First- Start HRD and connect to the radio.
> Next -Start Satellite tracking and "connect" it with the radio
> Now- Start the HRD Rotator program, Click on the "Connect", 
> Make sure Orbitron is selected, "click the DDE Connect" Try 
> and move your rotor. I didn't find anywhere that would lit me 
> control the El rotor in this program.
> Now back to Satellite Tracker- Now pick the satellite you 
> would like to track, open the "Tuning Dial" and click the RX/ 
> TX boxes. Clicking on the "Rotator" button in this program 
> has no effect on rotor control.
> Last -Back to HRD Rotator to click on the "Track DDE" button.
> This should start the rotors tracking.
> Some things to note.
> If you are waiting for the Sat to come into view, the rotors 
> will still be tracking the bird.
> You may find the rotors will take off and head all the way 
> around to the wrong location if the bird is headed in from a 
> location close to "0" or  "360". In this case use HRD Rotator 
> to stop the tracking using the "Track DDE" button until the 
> bird gets in view.
> As stated before the Rotator button in HRD Sat Tracker has no 
> effect at this time.
> I hope this will help others in using the LVB Tracker Box. 
> It's a great little interface and seems to work vary well to 
> this point.
> Thanks to everyone who helped me get this running.
> Marv.
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