[amsat-bb] Re: LVB Tracker and HRD Sat Tracker setup Problem

Jean-Yves FEIXAS f5lhw at free.fr
Tue Mar 3 02:50:38 PST 2009

> Marv,
> Go to the Satellites and Rotators section of the HRD support forum and
> your question, bug report, etc.  Simon reads all that, as do many others
> who
> are very knowledgeable.
> I don't use another interface, but I see there are listings in the HRD
> Rotator program for Yaesu (as/el) and Yaesu (el).  That is the separate
> program which will eventually be integrated.  
> Alan

Hi all.

some lines  extract from the satellites of HRD

programs via a DDE server using the Nova format.
rd party program which requires Nova tracking information 
can now use HRD instead. al examples are rotator controllers.
HRD does not support direct control of a rotator via a COM port 
instead the software supplied TRACKING


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