[amsat-bb] AO-7 DX-list NEW-UPDATE

SV1BSX sv1bsx at yahoo.gr
Mon Mar 2 15:31:47 PST 2009

 Hello all,

 the new updated  "AO-7 DX-List" is already uploaded and we have 2 NEW 
Records for the  1st & 2nd place of the  "Longest Distance QSO" via AO-7!!!

 The 1st "New WW Record" has been achieved by W4FDU and LU2DPW on CW-Mode. 
The distance between the 2 stations (EL89TP <> GF05GI) is  7537 Km, about 99 
Km more than previous record !  Well done  !

 The 2nd place has been also changed with a second New-Record of  7524 Km by 
(....LU2DPW "strikes" once again !).

The previous Record (7438 Km) by Joe, K3SZH and Fabio, PY4AJ,  it's now in 
the 3rd place of DX-List.

 Congratulations to all operators !  Great competition !

For more details visit the new URL of page:


....and a few "Tips":

Please keep in mind, I have set a new "Limit" for each operator in order to 
send me NO more than 2 QSOs maximum.
So, please send me just your "first two" best DX contacts - no more- in 
order to keep the List as short as possible (and interesting !).
The participation does not have meaning if includes a lot of contacts for 
each one operator, there is not any sense to send me somebody 5-10  QSOs and 
the most of these with a distance lower than 6500 Km.

 We looking for the "Longest distance DX-QSOs"  via AO-7 -  NOT for a.... 
Long-long boring List.

 Actually, after a few months I will keep into the DX-List ONLY the 
confirmed QSOs . Thus, in my new page only these QSOs (Highlighted with 
Yellow-color) have "counting" - including the foto of QSL-card.

 The NON CONFIRMED QSOs are already without any number (counting) in the 1st 
column and they will be erased the next year from the list, if the concerned 
operators don't send me the relative QSL-cards.  That it was a request by 
several operators which have already Confirmed QSOs and I agree with that, 
it's absolutely fair. As they used to say:

"The Final Courtesy of DX-QSO is a QSL Card" !

BTW I am fully surprised about the complete absence of MODE-A in the DX-List 
!  Nobody?  Why that?
After a few weeks the Old-girl will enter in new eclipse-period, so we will 
lose the 24/7 "switching" between Mode-A & B.

Finally, pse check your personal entries (...if you have) in the DX-List and 
let me know for any possible error -particularly- in the "Distance (Km)" and 
"Locator" columns.  The most participators have different programs, they 
don't use the "TinyLocator" for the distance-calculation and thus, I need to 
re-calculate several entries in order to make an accurate DX-List.
That is not easy if I have 10-15 new entries per update, so ...."don't shoot 
the pianist" !

Just let me know about the fault and I will correct it ASAP.

 Thanks in advance

73 de Mak, SV1BSX

Email: sv1bsx  "AT"  yahoo .gr
URL  : http://sv1bsx.50webs.com 

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