[amsat-bb] Re: Need advice : Eggbeater antenna, preamp, coax

Jean-François Ménard va2ss at me.com
Sun Jun 28 19:45:25 PDT 2009

/Hi Sebastian,

I planning to work at 5W for now. I will use my 2 FT-817.... one for RX and the other one for TX.... both controlled by SatPC32.
I bought 2 premamps RF switch at 25W maximum from Advanced Research.


From/: Sebastian <w4as at xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:w4as at DOMAIN.HIDDEN>>/
Date/: Sun, 28 Jun 2009 22:12:06 -0400

I'll add a thought here that I haven't seen anyone reply about.  As  
everyone mentioned, definitely go with a preamp - but think for the  
future.  How much transmitter output power do you have?  If you have  
relatively low power, say 5 watts, you can get an inexpensive preamp.   
However, if you plan to use higher power in the future, perhaps for  
meteor scatter; that low power preamp may no longer be useful.

Again, you've received several responses, but one thing hasn't been  
mentioned.  What is your output power?  If you have an HT with a  
couple of watts, that RG-8 may 'eat up' a lot of your power,  
especially if you are going to transmit on 440 Mhz.  Without knowing  
how much power you have, and which birds you plan to use, it's  
difficult to give you a good answer.

"you can't work 'em if you can't hear them"; also don't forget that  
you need to hear yourself FIRST.  Work on hearing your downlink if  
possible before you start to call other stations.  If you can't hear  
yourself, then post about it so we can help you out.  I think it would  
be helpful if you told us which type(s) of rig(s) you will be using.

When you find a fellow ham who has all the money that's necessary to  
build a perfect station, please let me know!

73 de W4AS

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