[amsat-bb] Advice for transponder ops

Andrew Glasbrenner glasbrenner at mindspring.com
Sun Jun 28 07:25:15 PDT 2009

I took this screen grab of this morning's eastern FO-29 pass, and what it 
shows is in my opinion very illustrative of a problem that is getting worse 
even on days other than Field Day.


Spread out! There is no good reason that we should have a dozen operators 
fighting over the center 15 kHz of a 100 kHz wide transponder. Remember the 
gentlemen's agreement is the lower third is for CW, middle 1/3 is for mixed 
ops, and the upper 1/3 is for SSB. There is nothing magic about the Doppler 
shift at the very center of the passband that simple addition and 
subtraction can't duplicate elsewhere.

Just my opinion, and please take it constructively.

73, Drew KO4MA 

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