[amsat-bb] AJ9K on FM birds from KL7 (2-11 July)

dlittel tds.net dlittel at tds.net
Thu Jun 25 19:05:12 PDT 2009

I will be on vacation in Alaska between July 1 - 11, and will try to be
active during a few passes during my stay.  I will be using my 5w VX-5R HT
and AL800 whip on AO27, SO50 and AO51, if in mode J.  Here's my schedule:

2 July2      BP51 Anchorage
3-4 July     AO63 Dutch Harbor, Aleutian Isl
5-8 July     BP64 Fairbanks
9-11 July   BP42 Denali NP

While in transit, I may be able to fit in a few more grids.  Since this is a
vacation, and I will have minimal control over my schedule (that's my
family's job, and I'm only a minority voting member...).  I hope to be as
active as practical.



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