[amsat-bb] Re: G-5500 rotor motor intermittent

Michael Hatzakis mikehatzakis at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 24 18:43:24 PDT 2009

Sebastion, Alan, Stan and group, 

Thanks for all your input.  In fact, it was Alan who suggested the, ah hah,
obvious (dumb) thing which was to switch the connectors on the rotators just
to be sure.  The buzzing of the cable seemed to suggest an internal rotor
problem, but when I switched cables at the azi/ele the problem switched.
Brought the connectors down and the yellow rotor wire was broken off in the
storm damage at the connector.  Phewwwww

So, bottom like, aside from $25 in new steel bolts to repair damaged roof
mounts, I got away pretty easy and hopefully will hear you all back on Sats
after over a year off the air...!!

Michael  K3MH

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Michael, you have received a lot of information about troubleshooting  
the rotor on this reflector.

However, if you are not able to repair it, I just wanted to let you  
know (in case you didn't see my post a few days ago), that contrary to  
popular belief, Yaesu still fixes their rotors, specifically both the  

I had a bad azimuth rotor, and I shipped it to them.  I believe they  
charge a $35 estimate fee.  If you decide to fix it, the fee is waived.

My rotor cost me just a little over $100 and was very securely shipped  
to me.  I received a post card when it was received, and a phone call  
telling me what the total would be; once I gave the ok, I had it back  
in my hands in one week, and it's up and running again.

Of course, if you are able to troubleshoot it, you will be learning  
more than I did, but I admit that at this point in life, I would  
rather have someone who knows what they are doing fix it, and $100 in  
today's world isn't a lot of money.

73 de W4AS

On Jun 20, 2009, at 8:54 PM, Michael Hatzakis Jr MD wrote:

> Ok, sorry for the additional post, this is a follow up.  After my  
> debugging
> session today, I am fast-forwarding to what I expect will be the  
> ending to
> this little fairy tail, that is, I see me climbing up and pulling  
> down this
> damn rotor to either replace or repair.
> So, next natural question is, if I am going to repair, what should I  
> repair
> while I have it open or are there people who do a good job in  
> rebuilding
> Yaesu rotors, roughly 5 years old??
> Michael  K3MH
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