[amsat-bb] Special Event operation coming to the satellites!

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Wed Jun 24 15:54:01 PDT 2009

Hey everyone,
This time next week, at least nine of the Original 13 Colonies will be active on the amateur satellites as part of a special event organized by Ken, KU2US, in New York. Here is the Web site announcing the event, and the certificate available:
You’ll also find updates on Ken’s QRZ.com page – look up KU2US.
When I saw an email about this special event, I contacted Ken and asked if he’d consider including satellite operations in the event. He responded with an enthusiastic yes – then told me to get everything organized as quick as I could because we were running out of time!  I’m glad to do it because this should be a fun event for us on the satellites.
As I write this, we have commitments from stations in nine of the original 13 colonies, and they will be using the call signs for each that are listed on the special events page. For example, I’ll be operating as K2G daily during the special event. I intend to work at least one pass of every satellite as K2G, every day.
Listed alphabetically by Colony, here are the stations that have confirmed to date. The calls they will use are in parentheses:
Georgia – Tim, N3TL (K2G)
Massachusetts – Dave, KB1PVH (K2H)
New Hampshire – Rik, N1XED (K2K)
New Jersey – Marc, W4MPS (K2I)
New York – Peter, WB2OQQ (K2A)
North Carolina – Jim, ND9M (K2J)
Rhode Island – Fletch, N1RCN (K2C)
South Carolina – Art, K4YYL (K2L)
Virginia – Steve, NL7VX (K2B)
As of now, there are four of the original 13 colonies NOT scheduled to be active on the satellites:
Can anyone help with any of them?
The process is simple:
1 – Please email me off the BB to let me know of your interest.
2 – You can work as many or as few satellite passes as you like during the special event.  It’s supposed to be fun, not work!
3 – After the event, email your log(s) to KU2US, who will handle the certificates.
I’ll provide more information after hearing from anyone who wants to activate one of the four remaining colonies. 
Everyone is welcome and encouraged to work one or more of us on passes from July 1 through July 5. You only need to work one station to get the certificate, but the more the merrier!
73 to all,

Tim – N3TL

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