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I am fowarding this to the AMSAT-BB.  I am sure it will be of interest to some of us.  I asked Loren what down converter he is using, DSP software etc.  If any of you have any information as to how to do this I would like to know.  I do not think the transystem 3731aa DC will work down to 2271. 

73 Bob W7LRD 

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For those who have S-Band receive capability the Lunar Recon. Orbiter can be heard at 2271.190Mhz+/- doppler. 

It is a carrier and best found with a DSP audio spectrum program or an SDR. 

I found the signal to be in excess of 10db over the noise with a 80cm offset feed dish and LNA. 

I found it slightly below and behind the path of the sun today. It is about 1/2 way to the moon. 

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