[amsat-bb] G-5500 rotor motor intermittent

Michael Hatzakis Jr MD mike at hatzakis.net
Sat Jun 20 17:41:03 PDT 2009

Andrew and group,

Read this post and others about the 5500, and I am trying to figure out what
do with my rotor or my controller.  

My rotor has become more and more intermittent over time, so I opened up my
cables and put molex connectors in line so I can debug.  I started with
impedance of the rotor.  My Elevation is working now and my rotation is not.
I pulled out the schematic and see that the rotor motor is on 4-5-6 with the
common on 6 each and the up/down or left/right on 4-5.  I measured the
impedance of 4 & 5 against 6, and the Ele was near 2-3 ohms and the Ele was
open.  I am wondering if this is an intermittent internal limit switch?
Taking my rotor apart is a huge deal, so I want to be sure I am looking at
this situation correctly and what else should I be looking for or measuring?

Michael  K3MH

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Hi  Drew,

 At least you got 3 years out of yours. I had my G-500 a month before the
motor went out and had to send it to Yaesu.

 Everything was balance as well. What I think happened is one of the
buttons on the control box got stuck in one direction and caused the
motor to burn up.

 What I did was change the fuse that Yaesu uses from a 2 amp AGC to a 1
amp slow blow fuse. Just in case this happens again, at least the fuse
will blow before causing the motor to go out. 

73 de Angelo


If you don't ask, you will never know!! >From: Andrew Glasbrenner
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G-5500 rotor motor woes >Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 09:20:31 -0500
(GMT-05:00) > >About 3 weeks ago my azimuth rotor motor bit the dust. The
rotor turned left fine, but not right. I tore into the unit and found the
windings on the motor to show 4 ohms in one direction, and only 1.5 in
the other. Yaesu wanted about $90 and shipping  for a replacement, but I
found a G-450 locally for about the same money. After swapping the motors
(identical) and reassembling it seems to work fine, but I can find no
reason for the failure. > >Anyone been down this road before and have
some hints? I'd rather not repeat this procedure in a few weeks. I also
expect longer service from a 3 yr old rotor that cost almost $600. The
inside was dry, and well greased. I don't think it's overloaded either,
with a M2 436cp30, Cushcraft 10x10 2m, and 3ft S band dish near the
center, all well balanced. > >73, Drew KO4MA > >PS Anyone got a spare
motor for my 450? Or need a 450 control box and parts? ;-) >---- >Sent
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