[amsat-bb] SO50 1409 - 1425 UTC june 20 2009

kd8bxp@aol.com kd8bxp at aol.com
Sat Jun 20 15:05:33 PDT 2009

Good after noon/evening. Or morning if you live in that part of the world


Does any one have audio of the S050 pass this morning at 1409 UTC? Till about 1425 or 1430 

The contact I am looking for happend around 1416-1417 

I think it was KD?CES he returned my call about then

I am just trying to find out who it was and what I sounded like on the downlink 

Oh I did have my minidv recording at the time, but the audio is weak

And I was on my TH-D7ag with just the rubber duckie antenna

He (or someone close to that call) returned my call but 
I just want to verify it

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