[amsat-bb] Re: ZS2BK heard in GI84ow‏

ps8rf ps8 ps8rf at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 18 16:48:42 PDT 2009

Hello Tim,

I had noticed some times when the satellite entered into "eclipse". Two months ago I noticed the same difficulty in listening to my return. I got the comment with some friends here in Brazil. I did a simulation and in your case (the AO-7) he was not eclipsed. But it may be that the phenomenon of ionospheric scintillations . This could jeopardize their receipt. I do not know how to behave  the Ionospheric scintillations in  United States. But in Brazil it is limited, based on studies it is usually an hour after sunset and runs until midnight most frequently between September and March, but may occur with less frequency in other periods. And coincidentally in March I had noticed a few times some difficulty in tracking the signal of my return.  It's only a theory. According to Roland, PY4ZBZ ( http://www.qsl.net/py4zbz/satelite.htm#ao7 -   very nice informations in portuguese about satellites ) , the ionospheric scintillations can occur anywhere. As for AO-7 seems to me very well, despite its problems. 

Pirajá, PS8RF 

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