[amsat-bb] CP6 Decoding

James Denneny 57jndenneny at comcast.net
Tue Jun 16 08:23:12 PDT 2009

I am troubleshooting a CP-6 decoding problem.  I have excellent copy on
CP-6.  Keps are good.  Signal is strong but no decode.


Equipment is IC-910H and AEA DSP2232.  I checked everything out with APRS FM
copy on 144.390 using hyperterminal - good copy in FM packet.


PC & TNC use com 3 - 9600,8.N,1 to communicate. PC flowcontrol is hardware.
DSP2232 is set for MOD p12 (p1 1200bps). I do not see any TNC lockup during
data bursts.  Radio is set for LSB when tracking CP-6.


I even tried using hyperterminal connection in lieu of CP-6 decoder.  NADA


What am I missing?





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