[amsat-bb] Re: Your Almost First Sat Contact

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Mon Jun 15 19:34:07 PDT 2009

Hi Leroy,

Yes, that was me on the other end. I was doing a portable operation in a parking lot in Viola, Delaware / FM29 at that time. Your signal was plenty strong; too bad the Doppler got the better of you. I know the feeling all too well!

I recorded the comms and can send it to you if you'ld like to hear what you sounded like from space!

Welcome to the birds!


Jim, ND9M / VQ9JC
Martinsburg, WV / FM19

Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2009 23:07:45 +0000
From: kd8bxp at aol.com
Subject: [amsat-bb]  My first contact - almost
To: "amsat bb bb" <amsat-bb at amsat.org>

Well thanks to everyone who gave me helpful hints and ideas 
I did almost make a contact today!

I know I got into the SO50 today at about 11:10 - 11:11 est (local time) I heard 
some one give my call back and a brief report
Unfortuntally at the same time doppler shifted on me and I wasn't fast enough to 
keep up

I am using a th-d7ag and unfortunally there is not a way to program the odd band 
split in memory (at least not that I have found) so no matter what you have to 
hit two buttons. Anyways I diegress 

I replayed my recording serveral times and think - I think 
The man who came back to me was ND9M in FM29 (delaware)
Which would be cool if it was - 
I was not able to complete the contact - so that doesn't really count does it

After all of my frustration thou I am still chulking this one up to a WIN!!

I would like to confirm somehow that it was ND9M that heard me
So I am posting here :-)

Thanks again to all who have helped!


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