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Congratulations! And welcome to orbit!

You are accomplishing a lot with you SO-50 contacts because of the very nature of that satellite. It transmits 250 milliwatts(a quarter-watt)  into a 0-gain, quarter-wave vertical mounted on one corner of the satellite. I consider it our QRPp station in space.

I'll be listening for you, and I hope we'll get to work soon.


Tim - N3TL
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> Haha :-) 
> It is at very least satellite science - 
> I am putting this one down in my WIN colum just the same 
> Based on my past experainces this was 1000 times better -- ok not really a 1000 
> maybe 100 times better - the things I have learned over the past three or four 
> months has started to kick in I think. 
> Wish I could have keep up with the doppler a little better but all is not lost 
> There is another high pass of SO50 tomorrow I forget what time 4pm local I think 
> - I am going to try again should be better 
> Thanks, LeRoy, KD8BXP 
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> Keep at LeRoy! 
> Remember, "if this were easy, everyone would be doing it!"  It is after all 
> rocket science, well kinda! 
> 73 Bob W7LRD 
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> Well thanks to everyone who gave me helpful hints and ideas I did almost make a 
> contact today! I know I got into the SO50 today at about 11:10 - 11:11 est 
> (local time) I heard some one give my call back and a brief report Unfortuntally 
> at the same time doppler shifted on me and I wasn't fast enough to keep up I am 
> using a th-d7ag and unfortunally there is not a way to program the odd band 
> split in memory (at least not that I have found) so no matter what you have to 
> hit two buttons. Anyways I diegress I replayed my recording serveral times and 
> think - I think The man who came back to me was ND9M in FM29 (delaware) Which 
> would be cool if it was - I was not able to complete the contact - so that 
> doesn't really count does it After all of my frustration thou I am still 
> chulking this one up to a WIN!! I would like to confirm somehow that it was ND9M 
> that heard me So I am posting here :-) Thanks again to all who have helped! 
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