[amsat-bb] Re: equal time

Andrew Glasbrenner glasbrenner at mindspring.com
Mon Jun 15 06:20:23 PDT 2009

> I agree K5D could have done a better job in their satellite operations. At 
> minimum a simple rotor and even a fixed antenna at 15 degrees with a two 
> radios on all the current satellites would have worked >better and would 
> have probably provided more operators the chance to work K5D. A fulll 
> blown setup with an AZ/EL rotor and doppler tracking would have been the 
> perfect setup considering all the >other equipment that was brought to the 
> K5D DXpedition. It would be interesting to understand what planning was 
> done for satellites operations for K5D.  I won't speculate. FM satellites 
> may not be the >ideal satellites for a DXPedition but not everybody has 
> the gear to work the linear brids. I think it comes down to the DX 
> operator. FM satellites can be worked on a
> DXpedition. I had some pile ups on numerous passes and I was able to work 
> many stations with some discipline and good ears. It takes an operator 
> with contesting experience to work a pile up and >maintain order. Still it 
> is very challenging especially on such operations as K5D. Not sure what to 
> do in the future.

I don't think Gary or Mike are on this list, so I hope they won't mind me 
speaking for them. K5D on satellite was, as DXpeditions go, a last minute 
miracle. It was either a handheld and antenna that someone could take in 
their personal gear or nothing. So as much as I wish they'd have been able 
to take SSB/CW gear and bigger antennas, etc, I'm not going to look a gift 
horse in the mouth. Big DXpeditions like that are always going to 
concentrate on as many HF contacts as possible, as quickly as possible, so 
we were very lucky Gary and Mike agreed to take the sat gear as a diversion 
when offered.

Meanwhile, I've had no inquiries from other DXpeditions about using the 
gear. If you know someone going somewhere, please let them know about the 
availability, and maybe take a chance at mentoring them on satellites. If 
the program proves popular enough I will try to add in SSB/CW capability as 
a second equipment package.

73, Drew KO4MA 

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