[amsat-bb] Re: equal time

Ben Jackson bbj at innismir.net
Sun Jun 14 06:52:32 PDT 2009

Thomas McGrane wrote:
> To the regular repetitive users of Echo
> Please refrain from hogging the satellite every pass for multiple contacts.
> I cant get into the satellite anymore and I am not going to use the amplifier to fight everyone.
> Sorry if you are offended but you need to be told.
> My support of amsat is directly proportional to my ability to use the satellite.

<shameless plug>
The Courteous Ham's Guide to AO-51

•  Don't hog the satellite.
If you are one of the stations making a good signal into the satellite,
the temptation is to work every station possible. While it is easy to do
this in courteous fashion, let other stations have a chance as well. A
good rule of thumb is to go after 2-3 QSOs then back off. Remember, this
might not mean 2-3 *total* QSOs, as if other stations call you, respond.

</shameless plug>

Although, I listened to the pass ~18:45 pass yesterday evening, and I
didn't notice anyone "hogging" the satellite. I heard 3 portable
stations and 2 mobiles (myself included).

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