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Edward Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Thu Jun 11 22:25:09 PDT 2009

At 11:50 AM 6/11/2009, Ben Jackson wrote:
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>Clint Bradford wrote:
> >  > ... Also check out the Motorola JT1000 ...
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> > Sure ... Let's discuss a fifteen-year-old HT that has long been
> > discontinued by Motorola ....
>So, that proves that front-panel programmable commercial radios have
>been approved by the FCC for at least 15 years.
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A point missed about programable commercial radio equipment is that 
this was allowed as an "experiment" by the FCC and approval for their 
manufacture was recinded after a short trial use 
period.  Non-technically trained operators could and did program 
their radios to operate on top of licensed services such as public 
safety with severe results.

Lets define programable while were at this.  It does not mean a radio 
that can be changed in  frequency to predetermined 
frequencies.  Marine (part-80) radios are pre-programmed with a 
standard set of channels established for the marine 
community.  Aviation radios can dial in any frequency in 5-KHz steps 
within the aviation band.  But both of these services have been set 
up by the "authorities" governing them to use certain frequencies 
within a reserved sub-band.

A programable radio can be set to any frequency that the radio can 
operate.  Commercial Hi-band VHF: 150-174 MHz.  

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