[amsat-bb] IC-910 Data Connections

James Denneny 57jndenneny at comcast.net
Wed Jun 10 10:45:59 PDT 2009

I would invite comments on a recent change to cabling my IC-910H with my AEA
DSP-2232 TNC.


Until now, I have cabled the 910 main & sub data port sockets to the 2232
five pin din radio input port.  The cable was made up using the 910 data
socket 9600 bps convention.  I did this in order to communicate with
satellite  BB services such as GO-32.  Unfortunately, this convention does
not support 1200 bps.  I would need to swap cables in order to switch RX
audio from data port pin 4 to pin 5 for 1200bps AFSK.


To get around this shortcoming, I am replacing the data socket cables with a
cable using ACC port to connect with 2232.  Icom manual says this should
work for 9600bps FM mode or 1200bps FM/SSB modes.  


Does anyone know whether using ACC port vs Main & Sub data sockets
compromises anything?




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