[amsat-bb] Re: RTFM question

Nigel Gunn G8IFF/W8IFF nigel at ngunn.net
Wed Jun 10 09:11:21 PDT 2009

There might not be a stupid question but there are certainly those that are too lazy to first try to help themselves and 
expect others to do everything for them.

Luc Leblanc wrote:

> It was a Fashion on this BB in the AO-40 time. Those who knows look at those who don't from a different level... There is no stupid 
> question and if this BB still have some use lets those who want to help free to answer even if it is an obvious RTFM case at your eyes.
> I fight this mentality back years ago and even with instructions booklets you still need the other experience just read the IC-220H manual 
> and you will see even with the RTFM you will need to practice a lot.
> If only one question can save time and frustation the another one i feel it worth the time spent to answer his question.

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