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If you have the manual you can look and see how the cable is wired up, then look on line for the new radio and see if the cable is wired the same
If so then my guess would be they are the same cable

I have an ic-91ad and a kenwood th-d7ag - they use different cables (same plug on the radio side) but if you look close they flipped I think two wires and putting a null modem on the serial end makes them the same cable and it works I have used it on both radios with the null modem for the kenwood 

So you may even have a cable that will work and just need a null modem I think it was like 7 bucks at radio shack

Good luck. 
LeRoy, Kd8bxp
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In looking for a cost effective programming cable, I find that many
including the Alinco EWR-7 are listed on places like eBay as for "Alinco or
Icom."  That strongly _suggests_ that the hardware is the same.  I already
have the Alinco EDS-10 and a RT Systems Icom cable, so it looks as if I have
what I need.  Google came up with a lot of good information, but I wasn't
able to find enough to determine whether they are in fact interchangeable.
Anybody have any definite knowledge?



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